According to the currently applicable E-ELT instrumentation plan E-ELT will offer a High Resolution Spectrograph as part of its  suite of instruments soon after the first-light set of AO-modules and Scientific Instruments. This responds to the need to exploit the unprecedented photon-collection power of the E-ELT in the spectral resolution domain. 

High Resolution Spectroscopy (HRS) is a general definition that applies to R=20,000 domain as well as to the R=100,000 ad higher, nowadays typical for extrasolar planet search. In a specific instrument HRS is tailored to the specific science cases and spacialised to different wavelength domains. 

The goal of the HIRES Initiative is to contribute to the definition of  a sounded and disruptive science case for an High Resolution Spectrograph at the E-ELT and to define an instrument concept of proven feasibility to implement such a science case. 


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